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Attorney General's Chambers
Penthouse Floor
Global House
43 Church Street
Hamilton HM 12 Bermuda
Mission Statement  

As legal advisors to Government, the Attorney-General’s Chambers is committed to providing high quality legal advice and litigation services and to drafting sound legislation, mindful of the need to protect the public interest and to safeguard and preserve the fundamental rights and freedoms enshrined in our Constitution.  In doing so, we also pledge to uphold the traditions of equity, fairness and justice inherent in the legal profession whilst simultaneously remaining on the cutting edge of legal trends and technologies to ensure that we are abreast of and in accord with global trends.

Legislative Drafting  

The Legislative Drafting section of Chambers performs three critical roles on behalf of the Attorney-General. First, the Legislative Drafting section vets Government’s proposals for legislative initiatives and then drafts legislation for Ministers and Junior Ministers to table in the House of Assembly and Senate. Second, the Legislative Drafting section advises Ministries on the interpretation of legislation and on constitutional issues and drafts constitutional instruments. And finally, the Legislative Drafting section updates and maintains the Attorney-General’s Legislation Database.